Who We Are

Erba is a global company focused on creating a social impact in the developing nations of the world by delivering innovative, affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions.

“We believe that there is a growing need for quality, affordable healthcare solutions waiting to be addressed in the developing markets of the world. In regions with low resources, we believe the focus of healthcare should be on prevention and early disease detection to avoid expensive and arduous treatments. We focus on providing high quality, affordable diagnostic solutions in these markets.”

Our Corporate Ethos

Committed to a Healthier and Happier World!

We are the preferred partner to doctors and patients worldwide in meeting their needs for reliable, affordable and innovative medical diagnostic solutions.

Passion for Excellence

  • Demonstrate(s) a high level of energy and positivity to achieve business results.
  • “No Compromise” approach.
  • Focus on continuous improvement to do things right the first time, eliminate wastage and optimize resources.

Trust, Integrity and Care

  • Trustworthy, dependable and can be counted upon for any task
  • Uses organizational resources ethically.
  • Listens actively and acts with compassion and empathy for others.
  • Handles confidential records / information appropriately


  • Thinks out of the box.
  • Displays creativity and comes out with solutions for business issues.
  • Takes risks to implement new ways of doing things.

Erba is dedicated to creating a positive impact in healthcare in under-developed and developing nations. 

Erba utilizes a combination of cutting edge European R&D with efficient low cost manufacturing to craft innovative technologies that are made accessible to people in low resource settings that have most need for it. 

With our unparalleled experience of developing markets, each of our products are designed to fit the challenging environment encountered. Poor infrastructure, lack of trained personnel, harsh environments, lack of serviceability, fragmented customer distribution and highly price sensitive markets are some of the obstacles our products are designed to defy. 

Our products are designed with a focus on Neglected and High-Burden diseases known as ‘Diseases of Poverty’ as well as other ailments straining under-developed or developing countries. 

We are a global company with operations across continents offering a comprehensive portfolio of clinical diagnostic products to over 100 countries always supported by a strong service network.