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Transasia puts INDIA first- Sets up Asia’s largest factory for COVID tests during the lockdown

Date : 27 Jul, 2021

Forbes India, Jul 30,2021: In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Indian shores, Transasia-Erba International Group of Companies’ R&D teams in India, USA and UK were asked to fast-track the development of COVID testing solutions. In no time, the Transasia-Erba group developed the Erba COVID-19 IgG and IgM test kits that played an important role in surveillance and epidemiological studies.

Very soon, the Group developed one of most sensitive RT-PCR kits as well as rapid antigen test for COVID-19.

In parallel to these R&D efforts, the team at Transasia Bio-Medicals worked round-the-clock during the lockdown to set up Asia’s largest manufacturing facility at AMTZ, Visakhapatnam to manufacture these newly developed tests in co-operation with Govt. of India.

While the ongoing pandemic continues to spring unforeseen circumstances, the Transasia-Erba group believes that it has been an insightful and dynamic period, providing them the opportunity to serve the nation and its people in ways more than one!

Continuing to provide prompt after-sales services to hospitals even during lockdowns
In order to support the efforts of our brave doctors and healthcare workers, Transasia’s engineers did not deter from providing technical support services for even one day during the strictest of lockdowns. Doctors and hospitals appreciated the brave efforts of Transasia’s engineers to continue to provide full support to them when employees of most other MNC medical device companies refused to step out of their homes.

Aiding state governments with various COVID relief efforts
Mr. Suresh Vazirani, Founder Chairman of the Transasia-Erba International Group of Companies believes that given the company’s area of strength, it can make the greatest impact on human lives, especially during the ongoing crisis. In what is set to be the largest humanitarian relief effort in the company’s history, Transasia has mobilized critical equipment and medicines, through its CSR arm, the Vazirani Foundation.

Over 2500 critical machines such as BiPAP ventilators, 2000 oxygen concentrators, blood cell counters and coagulation analyzers for D-Dimer tests have been donated by Transasia and Vazirani Foundation to hundreds of Govt. hospitals across India, especially in the smaller cities.

The Affordable Oxygen Concentrator rental program launched in partnership with AMTZ, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and Uber enables patients to quickly get delivery of oxygen concentrators at a nominal rental cost, through a specially designed mobile app - O2Home. Currently available across 12 cities, the service will be extended to cover 100 cities.

Medicine donation to NGOs, government and mission hospitals
Transasia donated over 5 lakh tablets towards recovery of COVID patients. These medicines, a part of India’s COVID treatment protocol are mitigating the widespread human impact of the pandemic.

Four decades of excellence
Having started its journey in 1979, Transasia has been at the forefront of providing quality and affordable diagnostic solutions for early and accurate disease detection. Today, Transasia is a trusted diagnostic partner for over 40,000 labs and hospitals across India, making it India’s largest IVD manufacturer exporting to over 100 countries across the world.

Dedicated solutions to monitor disease severity
Transasia’s comprehensive portfolio for monitoring disease severity and progression are trusted by large and small laboratories, for their accuracy among other features. This is a major reason why its test kits for D Dimer, CRP, LDH and Ferritin were widely used during the pandemic. The company’s strength also lies in its reach, with the sales and service teams present in over 5000 tier II –IV cities, towns and villages!

Towards a COVID-free world

Going forward, the Transasia-Erba group will continue to evaluate the crisis and commit additional resources. On the diagnostics front, the teams in India and globally are working on developing diagnostic tests that utilize other body fluids such as saliva, making it convenient for the end-user. Also, an RT-PCR kit to identify variants of COVID-19 is on its way!