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ERBA Mannheim poised to be game changer in total lab automation at Medlab Middle East 2020

Date : 03 Feb, 2020

10 New launches at MEDLAB ME exhibition positions Erba as a complete end-to-end provider.

Erba Mannheim strengthens its portfolio of powerful and affordable solutions with a burst of new launches and a preview of their next generation NEXUS total lab automation system.

NEXUS total lab automation will offer powerful, modular solutions using advanced imaging and artificial intelligence. The NEXUS IA immunoassay analyzer uses unique magnetic CLIA bead technology and extensive panels to deliver a reliable and affordable solution, whilst the  Nexus H Infinity Hematology analyzer uses computer vision to actually ‘see’ the sample and provides advanced diagnostics by counting, staining, imaging and analyzing 1000’s of cells in less than a minute.

New Launches

  • Clinical Chemistry: New EC 90 electrolyte analyser with next generation thick film, maintenance-free electrodes in all-in-one sensor cartridge
  • Diabetes: New HB715 automated desktop analyzer measuring glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c, HbA1ab, HbA1c, HbF, HbA0, HbA2/E/D, HbS, HbC) and designed for ease of use and low-cost operation
  • Immunoassay: New ELAN 30s analyzer & New Rapid Tests– fully automated compact benchtop ELISA microstrip processor performing 6 different tests simultaneously, and Rapid Malaria and Dengue Tests with unique Dual Colour Detection system
  • Hematology: New ESL 30 – fully automated ESR testing solution that improves result quality, laboratory safety and efficiency in mid-sized labs at an affordable price
  • LIMS Software: a comprehensive middleware solution for integration of results from Erba and non-Erba instruments.

Alongside new products, updated versions of signature XL 200 and XL 640+ clinical chemistry analysers will be presented.

“At MEDLAB ME, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to becoming a leading player in the IVD market. With NEXUS we offer a unique entry level system for Total Lab Automation, enabling labs to scale their business with higher automation. Also, by significantly strengthening our product portfolio for small and medium sized labs and growing our global customer base, we are well placed to achieve our ambition.”  Romain Fournials, CCO.

Visit Erba Mannheim on booth Z4.B10, Hall 4 at MEDLAB ME 3-6 Feb 2020.

About Erba Mannheim
Erba Mannheim is a global company focused on delivering innovative, affordable and sustainable healthcare solutions. Operating and providing clinical diagnostic products in over 100 countries, Erba Mannheim utilizes a combination of cutting-edge European R&D with efficient low-cost manufacturing to produce innovative technologies, accessible to labs in all resource settings.

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