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The Code of Conduct “the Code” is a set of principles that guide and govern the conduct of the Erba group companies and their employees in all matters relating to business. The Code defines the ethical standards that Erba employees have to observe in their professional lives, and the value system that is core to the Erba group.

Over the years, the Code has been amended to best suit the different markets we operate in. It takes into account the global best practices and regulatory changes. We intend for the Code to be followed at all times, however there may be situations not explicitly covered in the Code and under such circumstances you are advised to consult your management. Failure to do so shall invite investigation and strict consequences.

We believe that each individual associated with the Erba group is responsible to make a difference in their communities. While we work towards our mission, you are expected to strive to meet the highest ethical standards. We urge each one to internalize these standards in not only our professional lives but also extend to our personal lives as we believe they are a guideline for an ethical society.

Mr. Suresh Vazirani
Chariman & Managing Director
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