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ERBA Mannheim's instruments and reagents are accepted the world over for their quality, precision and ease of operation.

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Erba Lyte

Erba Lyte

Erba Lyte is an ISE Electrolyte analyser for accurate and convenient critical care analysis.

Erba Lyte is an ISE electrolyte analyzer for accurate and convenient critical care analysis.

  • Touch screen LCD
  • Onboard inventory management
  • Visual icons for low reagent level
  • Long life electrodes
  • Closed reagent cartridge to avoid contamination
  • Optional auto sampler
  • User friendly software
  • Facility to run 2 levels of QC statistic report with mean, SD and %CV for daily or monthly QC

1FINELEMI0001ERBA LYTE: Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K analytes
2FINELEMI0002ERBA LYTE PLUS: Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K/Cl analytes
3FINELEMI0003ERBA LYTE LI: Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K/Li analytes
4FINELEMI0004ERBA LYTE LI PLUS : Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K/Cl/Li analytes
5FINELEMI0005ERBA LYTE CA: Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K/Ca/pH analytes
6FINELEMI0006ERBA LYTE PRO: Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K/Cl/CO2 analytes
7FINELEMI0007ERBA LYTE PRO PLUS: Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K/Cl/Ca/CO2/pH analytes
8FINELEMI0008ERBA LYTE CA PLUS: Electrolyte analyzer with Na/K/Cl/Ca/pH analytes

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Erba Lyte