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At ERBA Mannheim, we believe in constantly challenging our knowledge and expertise. Through our regular participation in common forums, we encourage an open and wide platform for sharing expertise, experiences and solutions to remain abreast with the latest in the industry. We are thankful to our media partners for highlighting our efforts and thus playing an integral role in supporting our endeavor.
News Updates
2 OCT 2012 Erba Mannheim acquires Maxmat S. A., France, through its Czech subsidiary Erba Lachema.
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Erba Mannheim has successfully completed its acquisition of Maxmat, a French company operating in the branch of development and manufacturing of medical laboratory devices.
On Friday 21 September Erba Mannheim completed the process of acquisition of Maxmat, a French company which develops and manufactures laboratory devices that exploit original patented technologies. Its blood analyzers are used in clinical laboratories not only in Western Europe but also in the USA and other countries.
“For us, Maxmat represents a great potential in the area of development of medical devices, and therefore it is supposed to contribute to additional growth of our company. Moreover, we are sure that its analyzers will soon find customers in our markets. Furthermore, the acquisition offers a highly favourable synergy with the current portfolio of our company. 

Maxmat S. A, will be eventually rechristened as Erba Diagnostics France S.A.R.L.. Erba Diagnostics France will benefit the entire group with its capabilities and know how in the field of design and development of analyzers which perform multiple functions in a laboratory spanning different segments of biochemistry, hemostasis and immunology. Amongst its product-line is a revolutionary multi-analyzer that can conduct hundreds of different biochemistry, coagulation and immunology tests on a sample.

small para imgThe acquisition will help in shrinking development timelines, for new advanced technologies and to fulfill the needs of diagnostic laboratories worldwide. Erba Diagnostics, France (formerly Maxmat S.A) will also improve the group’s presence in the French market and French speaking North African countries.

Mr. Suresh Vazirani, Chairman and Managing Director, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd., stated that “We are excited about the new opportunities that are offered by this strategic acquisition. This acquisition will strengthen the group’s plans to emerge as a global leader in IVD.”

Furthermore, Erba Group and Erba Diagnostics France (formerly Maxmat S.A) have drawn up growth plans based on achieving economies of scale, creating synergy through intra-group co-ordination, widening product offering and strengthening its after sales service support and distribution network.